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Careers Leader: Penny Hudson
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Work Experience – Longfield

All pupils in year 10 have the opportunity to take part in a week-long experience of work. They research employers and organise their own placement with any checks needed made by staff to ensure your child is safe.

A meeting for parents/carers is held at least 6 months before work experience to explain how pupils should organise their placements and what parents/carers can do to support them.


Contacting employers – what to write in an email

If you know the name of the person you are emailing.

If you don’t know the name of the person you are contacting

This is the minimum you should write. Obviously, you can add some more information as to why you would like to work for this company. 

For example: –

“I love working with numbers and solving puzzles and I am interested in a Career in Accountancy. I know that the Get Rich Accountancy Company has a good reputation and wondered if I would be able to do my work experience with you.” 

If you want to attach your CV, you can add a sentence saying. 

“Please find attached my CV”. 

Remember! Always double check your spelling and grammar before you send your email or ask someone to check it for you. If you need help deciding what to write in your email, you could ask your parents/carers, your form tutor or your English teacher for help.  

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